Voice training is very important to a singer, no matter what level or hight you are in music you must train your voice daily. Every skill of human even if it is natural by God, it need to be trained to bring it best potentials.

Some singers who think they have bad voice are not that bad if they learn how to train their voice to bring the best out of that bad voice. That people are praising you when you sing is not a reason you should relax from training, the reason you should train more is because of the peoples high expectations.

Most times most Gospel singers in church hardly do personal rehearsal because anything they sing in church people would clap for them, they music understand that any platform giving you don’t just listen to people who clap for you but also people who criticize you so that you would grow more. Wether you sing in the choir, on a band or you are a music artist you need daily personal voice training, you need to build yourself and your capacity. Bellow are some tips on how to improve your voice through voice training.

How To Do Voice Training

  1. Daily Exercise: daily physical exercise helps your voice to be open and relax, when your body is sound you can capacity to stress your voice and be free from over breathing. Exercise also helps you to sing for long without feeling dizzy anytime. There are also other health benefits you get aside voice, when you engage in daily exercise. If you are sick you cannot sing, you need sound health to be able to sing, so also you must take your body serious by doing daily body building.
  2. Eat Good food at the Right time: As a music artist you don’t eat anything you see. Some food can make a singer to have difficulty in singing well or even cause heart born, unhealthy food is dangerous to your voice and also your health.
    Even if you eat good food, eat them at the right hours of the day, some times when you eat at the wrong hour of the day daily it would gradually affect your voice daily for example some people always eat heavy food at night and they don’t wait for the food to digest before they go to bed, not knowing that is a bad habit to do, some drink less water everyday and eat jonks that’s not good. eat good food at the right time.
  3. Breath Out and In Before Going to the Stage : Before going to the stage do some breath training by taking a deep breath out and it consecutively. It helps your performance on stage and by helping you to have a open voice and also a healthy hearth before singing. I have also discovered that doing this also help you to increase your confidence in stage. Make this a daily practice.
  4. Sing Solfa on Low to High Key: During your music rehearsal always do some voice training by singing solfas on low and high keys, stress your voice to the highest. Before you enter the stage to minister or sing also do that, it open your voice not to flop or feel heavy and lazy while you are in stage singing.

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