Every Gift or ability a man has it was giving to that man by God. God give men gifts and talents, and one of the best ways to use that gifts and talents God has given you is to use it for Gods Kingdom.

Before God gave you that talent and gift of singing, God has a motive or an expectation for that ability. You don’t just seek to discover your ability, you also seek to use that ability the perfect way God wants it.

Why Most Young Music Artist Don’t Use Their Music Gift For God

Most of them don’t use it because they think, using the gift for the kingdom sake would limit their influence. Some have this wrong mentality that Gospel singers are limited, which is not true.
Gospel singers are not limited, I have come to realize in my years of experience that influence generally has nothing to do with weather Gospel or not Gospel. It has everything to do with the Grace of God, or good training and strategy. Of which good and perfect training and strategy is gotten from God.
People always feel that where they are is the reason they are not succeeding, not knowing where they are thinking to go people are there and also struggling too.

Know this now that consistency to Gods work is the reason why God bless people, when God give you an assignment and you are consistent in that, God will bless you. Blessings don’t come for people who easily get discourage and opt out. God is more ready to bless you than you are ready to receive His blessings. Any gift God gives to you, he would ask you how you made use of that gift, so make a decision today to use your gift for the kingdom of God.

How To Use Your Musical Voice For Gods Kingdom

  1. Join The Choir: In every church there is a choir department, go and join one. some people are good singers but yet they don’t join the choir on Sunday’s. Some singers go as far as to criticize people singing in church that they are not good singers, yet they can sing and refuse to join them. Join the choir in your church, that is one of the way to use your voice for Gods kingdom, and influence people for Christ.
  2. Join A Gospel Musical Band: Join a gospel musical band like Kindledsong, Joining a gospel band is one of the way to use your music gift for Gods kingdom.
    If you are good there are gospel musical band out there that would accept your membership. If where you are there is no band for you to join, then you can join your church choir, as far there is a local church, they have choir department there.
  3. Be A Gospel Singer/ Minister: Another way is to be an independent Gospel singer or minister, they are people who have the callings for this. They are like Musical evangelist who go about ministering in Gospel music or releasing gospel singles and albums. If this is the area God called you, stick to it and use your giftings for Gods kingdom, and even if you are a music artists it doesn’t stop you from joining the choir in your church. Joining a choir group helps you not to be isolated from Gods people, because we need each other.

There are many people God wants to really use in Gospel music, you must open your self and decide to use the giftens God has giving to you for his kingdom. Remember God is ready to bless you more than you are ready to receive

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