As a believer and also a minister in song to God you need to have the fear of God. There are so many gifted people who don’t have the fear of God.

Your relationship with God is checked on the level you fear God. God is our Heavenly Father and we are to reverence him. The fear of God does not mean that you should be scared of God no, the fearof God means that you should reverence God. The reason why a believer could sin against God and feel as if he or she has done nothing is because there is no fear of God in our heart.

When you have the fear of God in your heart you would value your relationship with God to the point before you do anything you have to first confirm if God is pleased with what you are about to do.
You must value the privilege God gave you to be saved, to serve God and to also be his son or daughter.
Following God is one of the greatest decision one can make, God is ever ready to accept anyone that genuinely want to follow him.
That you are gifted and you want to use your gift for God’s kingdom that is one of the greatest decision to make, but that you follow God too and obey him and have a relationship is the best.
What makes your spiritual life to grow is not because you use your gift for the things of God, that is good but that is not it. What makes you to grow spiritually is your relationship with God and your fear of God.

How To Know You Have The Fear Of God

You can judge your spiritual progress by checking your fear of God, and there are ways to know and Judge if you have the fear of God.

  1. Having A Healthy Prayer Life: As a believer in Christ once your prayer life is becoming week, just know that your love for God is getting cold. Prayer keeps you talkingto God and building your relationship with your Heavenly Father. One way lack of fear of God comes is when we stop being prayerful. To be prayerful is not just for pastors or prospective Preachers no, prayer is for everyone and it is very important for our spiritual growth.
  2. Personal Bible Study Life: Another way to check your spiritual life is to check how often you study God’s word, or your values for the word of God. So bad many instrumentalist in church go outside the church once is time for preaching the word of God. How can you even know the commandments of Christ when you are far away from his word. The word of God is an important aspect in the life of every believer. The Bible is a Documented scripts writing by Holy men of God for our profiting. The Bible is a daily Manuel that will help your spiritual life to grow and also help you to know more about God.
  3. Recognizing The Presence of The Holy Spirit In Your daily Life: The next way to know if you have the fearof God, is to ask yourself do you recognize God’s presence around you?. You must recognize that God is with you, and his Holy Spirit is always around and with you. If you recognize the Holy Spirit there are things you won’t do because you know God is seeing you, and there are places you won’t Go because you know the Holy Spirit of God is with you. If you don’t recognize his presence you can do anything and grief the Spirit of God because you didn’t know he was there with you.
  4. Your Heart: The other way to know if you have the fear of God check your heart. The last time you said what you are not suppose to say or do what you are not suppose to do, if in your heart you didnt feel bad because you have sin against God by saying what you are not suppose to say or doing anything against God’s will, then there is a problem.
    when you have the fear of God if you do what is against the commandments of Christ, you would feel sorry about that and ask God for forgiveness and also repent from it.

CONCLUTION: if you don’t have the fear of God in you and you are a believer or a music minister, or even a preacher of the Gospel, today ask God for forgiveness and repent. God love you and God value your relationship with him, you also value God’s presence and Privileges God gave you.
Having the fear of God is one of the key to mentain what God has given to you. You know a wise Christian by his fear for God, The fear of God has always been the beginning of Wisdom. God bless you.

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