As a music artist or music person you must learn how to play by ear. playing by ear can be built and improved, some people may claim to have it natural from birth yes, but still they need to improve on it and make it grow to a higher level. Most people just give up and don’t even try to see if they can learn playing by ear. Yes there are people who have sharp ear to peak sounds but yet, anyone can develop him or herself to play by ear. when you are able to play by ear, that is a sign that you have trained your ear so well and it would help you in many ways. Before we go into how to play by ear in music, first you need to know what is play by ear, some do know what it means why some don’t.

What Is Playing By Ear

Playing by ear is the ability to be able to reproduce song or music as heard without the help of a script. That is to say when a person can play a song he hears without the help of any paper or script that is playing by ear. For example if you are an instrumentalist, you must learn how to score songs and music, because sometimes you need to reproduce what you have heard from the original song. So playing by ear is just like scoring beat, but in playing by ear you score songs without song script or paper.

You can actually grow to that level and do that, it is possible to grow that ability and it is also possible to have that ability naturally, but if you have it naturally you still need to improve on it, there are high levels of playing by ear.

How To Start Playing By Ear

Like I said before playing by ear can be developed, some say they have it natural, even at that they still need to improve on the playing by ear ability. There are people who are so good in playing by ear that they would listen to a music just once and sing the song they way they heard it from start to finish, they developd and grow the ability to that level. Below are somethings you can do to build your playing by ear.

  1. Always Listen to Music With Good Sound System : This is one of the major key, you need good sound system that would give you the exact sound of that song. playing music with low quality sound system won’t help your playing by ear. Constantly listen to songs from start to finish, even in your daily activities you can get a good headphones or iPod and keep listening to songs, in doing that you are building your ear. When your ear is familer with listining with sound gradually it would be recording in your mind, I mean the sound you are hearing daily would start recording in your mind daily, before you know it you would be an expert in Playing by ear. Many learn playing by ear by constantly been able to listen to songs.
  2. Try Playing by ear: Another way to learn playing by ear is to play by ear. You must practice it to master the act of playing by ear, If you don’t practice it daily you won’t be able to even do it.
    Peak a song, listing to it and try to play by ear, even if you make mistake keep doing it before you know it, you have mastered it. Every expert you see today started by learning and practicing, you cannot be perfect in it when you don’t practice it.

CONCLUSION: when you do all this continually you would grow in playing by ear and be an expert.

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