Gospel singers, I instrumentalist or church choristers need to also be a born again christians as they minister.

we have many in the music ministry in church either as a singer or instrumentalist that are not born again, they use their gift for God which is good and best choice ever. But they are not born again or not serious Christians who need Jesus in their life.

In the church aside the pastorate, there are sensitive positions in church that people who are serious Christians should lead, because that positions are easily prone to attack. examples are the prayer band, the evangelism unite and the choir group. This are the major key positions in the church aside the pastorate.

Most of the times you go to different local church and realize that the choirs are unserious Christians, especially the instrumentalist. I am writing this post not to criticize, am writing it so that we change the narrative and be different.

One of your admission to the Church to be a full member is to be born again, and give your life to Jesus. as you are interested in using your gift for God, also be interested in giving your life to God and obeying Christ Commandment.
One of the reason why some in the music department or ministry don’t value their spiritual work with God is because of their motives. Their motive is not really to use their gift for the kingdom, but for their own personal gain.

Build your spiritual life, seek to know more about God and grow in the things of the kingdom. As a leader in that choir group, gospel musical band etc always pray for the membership that their spiritual life should grow, and that immoral characters should not be found among you.

Some Godly Character To Have As A Music Minister

aside been born again there are some godly character you must have to grow your spiritual life.

  1. Be Submissive to Your Pastor: As a gospel artist or chorister, you must be submissive to the pastorate of your local church. Some singers, majorly instrumentalist thinks they are doing their doing the pastor a favour by singing in the choir, or playing for the church. They don’t see what they are doing as working for God because of this they are no loyal to the pastorate.
    You must always listen to your pastor and obey the voice of God through his mouth, he is the your Shepard God has giving you so that you would grow Spiritually.
  2. Godly Mentor: As a music minister in the church have a godly mentor. you can’t have a mentor in music and the mentor is not a godly, the danger of following that kind of mentor, gradually unknown to you he would be leading you to the wrong part. you must have mentors that is godly the world not lead you to the wrong part aside of God, Check your mentors life.
  3. Keep Good Company : As a music minister, surround yourself with good people who would help you to grow in Christ and also grow your music career. Don’t surround yourself with people who are pulling you backward, you must grow.
    Chose Godly friends, grow together.

CONCLUSIONS: every minister of God must first be a child of God. God needs you more than he needs your gift.

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